I am Ashton AKA Kashire. I am a student at SNHU. I am working on a BA in mathematics and BS in computer science. I hope to begin work on a PhD in applied mathematics, specifically cryptology. I am a member of cyberSNHUpers, the ethical hacking club at my university.

My hobbies consist of tweaking my OpenBSD server(s), dealing with Gentoo, reading (mostly) non-fiction, security, programming, mathematics, and gardening. I also enjoy providing services and moderating an imageboard, IRC, and some other servers. I used to enjoy video games, but now I do not. I have an opinion on almost everything.

The blog is a timesink - I've removed it. I am considering just uploading notes instead of writing blog posts. However, I still do not see the purpose.

Here are links for some friends' websites:

Where is that script you use for checking tor?

You mean the script that uses curl? here (License)

Show me something cool

I can register to hackthebox.eu -- Nevermind. Apparently they removed the "challenge".

The XMPP server is down unless I can find a reason to run it.