College started.

I'm officially enrolled and my first classes start on October 29th. I'll be just taking English Composition I and the "SNHU-107" class.

I'm enrolled in for two bachelor's degrees, a BA in Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science. I know I have ripped on the Computer Science degree meme a lot in the past, but I am going in order to fill in foundation gaps. Picking up theory, vocabulary words, and maybe a few skill points is the goal for the BS.CSC. After this, I'll be pursuing a Masters in Data Analytics. I should have it all wrapped up by mid-2024 or so. It takes 3 years for the first degree, a little under a year for my second, and the Masters should take 36 credits or so... Which is actually just one year, but I think they do the courses timings differently for the graduates degrees.

I also joined the hacking club called Cyber League, they participate in NCL (National Cyber League) which is pretty cool. It's mostly a hobby for me, but it's been pretty awesome and so far everyone I've met in the club is nice. I'll probably be participating in ncl in January, because I missed the sign up date. That's probably a good thing, because all of the planning and setting things up has taken a lot of time out of me.

This is all going to be pretty cool.