Final Week of ENG-123 and IDS-100

Frankly, I did not enjoy these classes. They were writing heavy, I learned very little, and I had to lie or I wouldn't have been able to make good grades. It's funny that I hate writing but I don't mind writing this up.

IDS-100 was obnoxious. The positive side is that I'm leaving with a GPA of 4.0 since it's not hard, it's just tedious and miserable. The big thing here was the lenses. We focused on only four lenses: ["Social Science", "Humanities", "Natural Science", and "Historic"] and it was the main point of the class. To learn to look at things from different angles. I would normally not have a gripe for this, it's a reasonable thing to attempt to learn. The problem is when you go into a class where you already know the topic because you self studied a lot. I felt really bad because I kept trying to not be rude or mean to people.

ENG-123 was strict, I'm pretty sure I'm leaving the class with a GPA of like 3.5 or 3.6, depending on how my teacher decides to judge my reflections that I desparately wish to be honest with. There's nothing big here to really share here, except that I wrote a 6 page paper on why Apache is better than Tux. Don't laugh. I might share it, who knows. It wasn't particularly good or informative.

Pro-tip: If you go into college: Don't self-study until you're actually in the class. Otherwise, you probably won't have much to talk about and it will probably negatively impact your grades. (Only if you have an online class and you're doing discussions posts.)

Now outside of college. All I've got done is:

[Japanese] * 14 Words left for Genki 1, Chapter 1 vocabulary words * Genki 1, Chapter 1 Read

Notes: I'm just recapping, very slowly. I hate how slowly.


I have done very little programming. All I've done is write a couple of small scripts to make some things easier for myself, but nothing particularly interesting. I've been looking into learning Haskell, since my major is mathematics and that seems to be the language of choice for people who are learning mathematics.

Ok that's all. I need to do other things and I don't have all that much to share.