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This section of my website is to explain a little about what I'm currently working on. Due to Non-disclosure agreements, I can't share everything. But I can share certain subject matter without creating any problems. [11:02:02] [ ~/projects/ ]
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me.needsinco - This is a blog I'm putting together that runs almost exclusively in reactJS. Not because it's a good idea, but to prove I can do it. On this blog, I plan to be writing different ways to make money remotely. I know it's a topic that is pretty filled to the brim online, but frankly, I've got more experience than most of the people who are writing as their way of making income. It's a work in progress as of now, but come check it out every once in awhile, I'm also keeping a developer blog to keep up with things I do/plan for the site. [11:02:02] [ ~/projects/ ]
└ % more org.lainchan - I am a moderator for this cyberpunk community, I also help fix bugs and write programs / scripts to assist with both moderating and adding functionality to the site. If you're interested in cyberpunk culture, drop by, read the rules and participate. [11:02:02] [ ~/projects/ ]
└ % more re.kashi - The website you're on right now! I reworked it 12/19/2016 -- The idea behind it is to look the exact same as my typical terminal setup on Linux. I hope it actually looks good. I'm Hosting is provided by my friend and the source code is located on my github. [11:02:02] [ ~/projects/ ]
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Webmaster - I am currently running 11 websites. My duties consist of programming, security, and general system admin tasks.I can't go in more detail about this. It's not a paid position, but I can't allow any data to be compromised. In the future, I may be able to share the websites.
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